In My Own Words


Huffington Post Blog: Going For Baroque

History, appreciation and continued relevance of the Baroque era in music. The genre is seeing a revitalization.
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Listen Magazine: In the Club, In London, a risky venue turns rewarding

"Baroque isn't broke", read about Danielle's experience performing in an unconventional venue.
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Huffington Post Blog: The Case For Making Recordings

Danielle's take on the current state of the Recording intdustry, informed by personal experience.
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Huffington Post Blog: Inspired To Inspire

Learn about Danielle's view on inspiration, and unique passion for music that has fueled her career.
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Huffington Post Blog: CultureZohn Presents First Person: Danielle de Niese: My Dream on Stage

Meet Danielle, and learn about the development of her career while chasing a dream.
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